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Inspiring Critical Thinking and Innovation

P4K is a partnership between public school gifted programs and John Carroll University. John Carroll sends undergraduate students in pairs to 5th thru 8th-grade classrooms to teach philosophy for one hour each week. These classes focus on discussing the great ideas of human history—e.g., freedom, identity, happiness, peace, love, reality. What have great thinkers said about these ideas? What do we think about these ideas? These are the kinds of questions discussed in P4K classrooms. There are no right answers.


Our academic objectives are as follows:

  1. To acquire knowledge of the history of philosophy

  2. To recognize and appreciate opposing viewpoints

  3. To improve critical thinking skills

  4. To provide practice with self-expression

  5. To create a feeling of connectedness within our community

Interested in Bringing the Philosophy For Kids Program to Your School?


School Partnerships: Philosophy for Kids partners with local schools to bring our instructors into the classroom to inspire creativity and innovation in today's youth. Mainly based on Cleveland's east side, this partnership is growing and flourishing with students and instructors alike growing from the interactions and lessons!

Do you want to know how easy it is to bring this program to your school? Message us and find out!

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